About Me

Hi Friends

I am Nitish

I have been blogging for quite some time. I have created successful blogs which have had thousands of ardent readers.

I, like most of us didn’t crack the science behind

making a blog successful for long . I knew that I was better than a lot of people and my content was of value.

But why were people not reading my blog?

This question sent on my one a quest to discover the answer. I found a lot of help online, from various forums and the blogger friends I meet online courtesy the forums.

I implemented the tips tricks and schemes and slowly but gradually the traffic started flowing and I build a steady flow by monetizing my blogs.

Whom is this blog for?  

This blog is not a plan for you to make a six figure salary online (Although if you do what you do, who knows)

​Here I will share with you all the tips and tricks that i picked up and learnt throughout my journey and will try my best in helping you build a wonderful place for yourself online and guide you on building a brand and a community.

​Although I still have a conventional IT job but I do make a nice amount  through my blogs helping me to pay my bills and travel.

​By 2017 end I plan to quit my work and Blog full time.


If you are a new blogger or want to start a blog, or trying to find a motivation to blog you have landed at the right place. I am not an expert but I have built blogs from the scratch and I have faced all the frustration and lack of inspiration to continue blogging.​

I will share learning’s from my own experiences, the tools, platforms and things which helped me create sites which I and thousands of my readers loved.​

So I will be your friend and guide( with a little experience that I have) helping with your blogging worries so that you can follow your passion without worrying too much about the hiccups.

So let’s get started shall we ??